Talent is not Creativity

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It is of concern that many — especially those in education — do not make a distinction between talent and creativity.

Talent is that special ability to perform a task, be it physical, artistic, or intellectual, at a very accomplished level, the extreme of which we call prodigious or genius. This can be in the arts (dance, music, painting), crafts, sports, games (chess, world of warcraft), mathematics, science, economics, business, etc. It is clear that not all children are born equal when it comes to talent. Some are simply better endowed (genetically, perhaps) to learn and scale the heights of specific fields many quantum leaps ahead of their peers. Anyone who teach pre-schoolers will see this in any context. Some kids simply shine.

Talent is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creativity.  This is because, whilst talent is person-centric, creativity however is community-centric.  You can be a very talented pianist, but unless you perform and are reviewed favorably as going beyond the given, you are not deemed “creative”. Creativity is not determined by the individual.

The implication of creativity defined by the community is crucially significant.  It means inter alia that strategies, institutions and policies need to foster the appropriate milieu and creative culture for talents to thrive beyond performance to recognition and domain-changing propositions.  Grooming talent and fostering creativity are therefore two very different pursuits.

  1. Creativity is talent.
    Its an ability to think or solve a situation differently rather than memorize a blueprint of solutions and formulaes.
    Maybe its the lack of chance to meet a creative person confuse your opinion as creativity (a new solution) and memory (education)
    usually don’t mix….

    A good place to start searching for one (creative) is here…..

  2. I don’t understand how can creativity be taught?
    And to my amazement, there’s even a doctorate for design creativity?

    I have met creative people and i can tell you that creativity is born, not develop!

    copying bits and pieces of others and putting them together is just another way of copying………..
    In Singapore, they call it ‘research’
    Internationally, we call it, China…

  3. I appreciate your comment. My point is that talent per se is not creativity. The converse, creativity as talent, is a separate matter; creativity and talent are not synonymous.

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